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The SKANNA ADVANTAGE … our company standards

All Skanna Investigators and Security Guards are licensed by the Government of Ontario, bonded and insured. Their initial and on going training ensures that they have the skills to get the job done.

Professional Conduct

You should expect from Skanna employee’s at all times to act in a professional manner, we believe professionalism demands courtesy and respect. You should expect punctuality, diligence in performance of duties, effectiveness in achieving objectives, discretion and ethical behavior.


Effective Investigations starts with the Investigator. Skanna Investigators and Security Guards are selected on intelligence, aptitude, and the desire to obtain a career in law enforcement. Over the years we have found these individuals do their job well and with great success, it is not just a job for them, it is a crucial step in their law enforcement career.


Investigators and Security Guards require knowledge and techniques, from criminal law and court procedure to interpersonal skills. Skanna maintains its own rigorous training program, each Investigator and Security Guard applicant must complete and pass before working for Skanna. Refresher courses are held on a regular basis to ensure each Investigator and Security Guard is completely up to date and competent.


Achieving these standards of performance demands slow, careful growth. Skanna is committed to growing one client at a time, so that our quality of employees and service meet you expectations.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a matter of listening and responding to our clients needs. Skanna has a policy of continuous liaison with management, assuring that your Security & Loss Prevention needs are meeting or exceeding your requirements.

Standards which can make a real difference.